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by Tammy Wells 2 years ago in social commentary

Two thousand and twenty … March, April and May

When Australia went into lock down, all of a sudden my thoughts started rhyming, so I wrote a poem ... and then I wrote another ... and another - this is poem # 4


Two thousand and twenty … March, April and May

The whole world in lockdown … this IS the new way

Over 3 million cases … many, have died

Many more, have recovered, as we continue to try

Most of us, trying, to do the right thing

Please, don’t go out … we have to stay in

In Australia, this weekend, some rules have been lifted

Feeling so lucky, like we all have been gifted

Doctors and Scientists – so very clever

Working on ways to kill Covid forever

We need to keep being, kind to each other

Treat everyone, like your sister, or brother

Our pets, are all happy, to have us at home

Well … definitely dogs ! – and cats ? … maybe some ?!

The earth is healing, while pollution is less

Zero new cases, worldwide, would be best

Restrictions are starting to be more relaxed

But … we have to behave … or they’ll take it all back

We need to do better … we need to remember

And maybe – some normality, we’ll have in September

Trying to cope, with just being at home

I have a husband, and 2 dogs … so not all alone

We have to be kinder … we have to be better

As they keep saying – “We’ll get through this together”

social commentary

Tammy Wells

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