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by LIFE MAZI 4 years ago in sad poetry


Photo by Val Vesa on Unsplash

You come to me with thoughtless emotions

That drip from your tongue.

They surface as ropes around my neck

Tight and squeezing me

Until I am bruised and stung.

Learn to lock your lips and blow out

The fire that is born from rage

And is on your gums.

Breathe in from your nose

With lips shut tightly

- And imagine the oxygen which dives

Through your nostrils

To your heart, blood, and lungs

To your heart

Resurface into your mouth

To cool down the heat and anger

Ready to bounce off your teeth

Towards my scars.

You direct the sadness

You have felt at all times

And the cries you have swallowed

Even before I entered your life

At me.

They fly at me from your brain

Through my skin

Like cockroaches in the form of bullets.

When they land on me

They bite through my layers to get to my core.

With your urge these bullets try to

Tear me down as they continue

To swim until I am done for.

But you won't win.

I don't want to be shot down and swallowed

So I fire back with swords that brew from my chest and neck -

Creating a shield against you

Whilst also adding salt to your wounds,

From your actions I follow.

I wish I could kill you with kindness instead

But I alter the frequencies of our bond

So that they become untuned

As we continue our battle.

When all is done and dusted

And all that remains is dust on the dustbins

And beds

Us three: you, me, and Silence

Play dead

Waiting for one of us to drop the first said.

Soon enough the arsenal from the battle


Though we have fresh scars that won't

Completely heal. They have plasters on them

Which will peel

The next time we clash

And experience this again, for years.

sad poetry



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