the bison

the unifier

Barloc, the bison bolstered himself

through a Canadian front as he shuffled south through Manitoba.

No other bison before him endured the sheets of snow and blankets of ice like he did.

He was driven by a "bigger than bovine" blueprint

programmed from the woman in white

who shape-shifted from hawk to wolf to fawn.

She told him to journey south to Lakota

where the plains native's will welcome him with warmth.

She chanted, "The warm wind will sweep your soul and the yellow flowers will guide you to the banks of the river where the people will welcome you in Lakota, near the Big Blue River."

So, he shuffled through sludge, snow, sleet, and ice, across the border into the plains states to find his mate.

His herd members followed him, unaware of why he was so driven, but so delighted they obliged once they reached the lavish green-grain plains along the Big Blue River.

The following summer, a white buffalo calf was born on the bluff above the banks where the nations of red, yellow, and blue joined to initiate a unified people.

This began a new hoop in life that symbolized a prosperous time to reflect on strength, hope and the undying determination of Barloc, the bold bison.

nature poetry
Tony Martello
Tony Martello
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Tony Martello

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