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Ballad of the Ballroom

By: N.J. Gomez

By N.J. Gomez Published 4 months ago 1 min read

In my fantasies

I see it


Pure starlight beaming through enormous windows covering the entire room

Like spotlights spackled across the marble floor

Specks of gold and silver sending wave upon wave against the walls and instruments

And you

Or some version of you




In my fantasy you stride towards me

Strong and determined

I feel myself moving

Silk dancing upon my legs with each step

Where do we go from here?

Face to face hardly breathing

Hearts beating

Racing against the speed of our own desires

In my fantasy

It’s all real

The music softly begins

Violins, Harp and piano

Slowly building as our hands finally meet

Eyes steady

But our souls screaming

In my fantasy

You hold my waist

The warmth from your palm guiding me

We dance

In every fantasy we dance to the ballad of this ballroom

Soft yet frenzied with desire, lust and need.

In reality

What is love but the hope of seeing your fantasy realized

For a moment

For droplet of a time.

The music in your eyes and the warmth of your embrace

Cradles and fans those flames of love into trials of lust

Into something like fantasy

But more beautiful

More precious

Like starlight beheld on the darkest of nights

In the outermost parts of the reality we live in


As I hunt for that allusive quiet

The isolated room

The absence of touch

It’s the music that haunts me

Like a memory within the vast recesses of my mind

It’s what moves me to hunt

For the quiet office

That space where many others fear to gather

I do not fear that loneliness

I do not fear that quiet

I fear being without the one that moves me

The man that moves me

It is not religion or God

It is not children, work or even the wilds of fairy tales

But hope in a romantic love

That surpasses all fantasy

And moves me

A longing to be moved without escape or reprieve

A man that will lead and encompass all these things

With a touch

With a sound

With a song

I want to be moved

By I man of flesh and blood

However simple and fleeting these moments be

A man that loves eternally

And together into the loneliness

Into that isolated place

We gather.

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About the Creator

N.J. Gomez

I am an aspiring writer from Ontario, Canada. My field of experience and degrees are in Social Work and Political Science. I am currently working on a series of children's stories and I love to read mystery, romance, and fantasy.

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  • caldwell benis4 months ago

    Good writing

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