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by Arpan Das 3 months ago in performance poetry

If I had a choice, I'd choose to go back to phase zero If I could reverse the theory, I would turn back time and travel backwards But I wouldn't want to grow up at all I'd be happy just crawling to the window.

Photo by Yuan Thirdy on Unsplash

If I had a choice

To do whatever I want

I'd choose to go backwards

Not turning twenty, thirty, forty

I hate to age so fast

Rather shrink to ten, nine, eight

No more jostling in the race

I'd play merrily with toys

And eat chocolates without fearing diabetes

No longing for the weekend

I'd enjoy summer vacation

Playing hide and seek at my grandparents

I don't have to be overcautious

While driving a car or a motorbike

I'd be happy just crawling to the window

I don't have to study overnight

To get a degree or a medal

I'd read storybooks all day

Money couldn't make me greedy

Life is not expensive anymore

I could just cry and still get whatever I want

No loans to buy an apartment

Not in a hurry to settle down

All I need is just a new word to learn

If I could reverse the theory

I'd turn back to phase zero

Because mother's womb is the safest place on Earth

If I had a choice

I'd turn back time and travel backwards

Or I wouldn't grow up at all

performance poetry

Arpan Das

Arpan is a Travel Blogger and a Professional Freelance Writer.

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Arpan Das
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