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Back to WE

by Tasha about a year ago in sad poetry · updated 6 months ago
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The day you left

This all just feels like a dream

Something so incomprehensible it just HAS to be

I know things aren't always what they seem

But I just want things back the way they used to be..

Back when There was no I, but when We were WE.

When We... were We... Things were more simple and not so complex

It wasn't just you, and it wasn't an Us

It was WE... don't you understand? I see you but wonder do your tears burn your cheeks like mine do

I hear you but the sound of your voice is like nails on a chalkboard but I STILL long for it...

It wasn't that you were the "yin" to my "yang" or the "Boom" to my "Bang", it wasn't that you were the Sun and I was the Earth, it wasn't that you even "completed"

me or made me feel whole... but now it seems I'm left with a HOLE though... You never saw your beauty the way I did, and I never saw my eyes the way you saw them.. or threw them... right to my soul it felt sometimes... and no matter how much I say "I don't need you", I feel like I'm lying most times... I want to SCREAM at the TOP of my lungs but there is NO air... I want to hold you and SQUEEZE but you're... NOT.... THERE.... even when you're sitting right in front of me it's like we're still strangers... eventhough I KNOW you're no good for me... I feel no Danger... but I'd wager my life on the fact that we'd be TOXIC to each other everyday... I bet my LIFE that even when I want to leave... I'll STILL stay... but this time... it didn't get to end... that... way... I was so ready to HATE you and walk away... forever.... But when the cops showed up with their hats off , I knew that foever... meant never.... Never.... No more smiles ear to ear when I brought you food... No more yelling or fussing when we were both in a bad mood.... now there's just silence... and echos of sirens ringing in my brain.... all the pain that's left... will just have to remain... no closure no quick fixes, no hugs and no long kisses.... This all just feels like a dream... But the sun still rises and sets... and All i have now... is Regret.

sad poetry

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single mother of 4 with a passion for writing.

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