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Brought out, brought in; life and it's meaning

By Michael Published 4 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Tom Morbey on Unsplash

In the streets she roamed alone,
A young girl with no place to call her own.
Her family, all gone in a single blow,
Leaving her stranded with nowhere to go.

She fought the cold and hunger every day,
Trying to survive in every single way.
With nothing to hold onto, she kept moving on,
Through the darkness, she persevered until dawn.

The tears she shed, no one could see,
For she was a warrior, as strong as can be.
With each passing day, she grew more resilient,
Hoping that her luck would finally turn brilliant.

And then one day, a kind hearted soul,
Offered her a chance to reach her goal.
She was given a chance to start anew,
And she grabbed it with all the strength she knew.

Now she stands tall, a successful woman,
Her past a distant memory, her future certain.
She remembers the hard life she once lived,
And is grateful for the second chance life gave.

For she knows the value of a helping hand,
And the strength of the human spirit to withstand.
Her story is a testament to all who face strife,
That with hard work and hope, one can have a better life.Start writing...


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