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Avocado Toast

by Benny Shlesinger 2 years ago in love poems
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A Love Story

Toast looks longingly at the other couples in the room

PB and J, Bacon and Eggs, Burger and Fries, where is his love food?

Everyone knows the toast with the most never rides solo!

Don’t we all just want someone to complement us?

Does nobody know the heartache of being condiment-less?

But just when all hope is gone, when love feels lost, Toast looks up and through the doors in walks…


Those beautiful curves, the gorgeous shape resembling… a large green peanut, kinda?

Anyway, Toast approaches, his heart racing as anxiety encroaches

He’s heard the tales of who this stranger could be

Her name he must know and she whispers to him…


The name sends chills down his crust

He has heard tales of her love and her lust

Is his heart already broken?

Is she playing with the pieces?

Out of his chest, his heart beats

He wants to play this love game

But checkmate, she’s the queen and

He’s only a rook-ie.

But he gathers his courage.

Toast knows to takes his time

Avocado might be firm at first, but eventually ripe

Avocado can have quite a fickle spirit, she’ll make you wait

Not yet, not yet, not yet, EAT ME NOW!, too late…

But you know what? Toast doesn’t mind.

He’ll be ready when she finds the right time - because he’ll listen

Because he knows she’s not perfect and that’s ok.

He loves her dimples.

He doesn’t care about the size of her pit.

And she knows his thoughts and she smiles.

And he smiles.

Because she knows he’s a little burnt around the edges.

“Would you like to dance?” He asks and extends a hand.

She accepts and takes his hand to dance.

Avocado and Toast left together that night

and the rest of it went the way you expected it might

The next day begins

A new love is born, and Toast is ready to commit.

He gets down on one knee and thinks

“This is it, she’s the one”

He extends a hand just like the first night they met – yesterday

And he asks will you Marry Me?

And she leans in…

And she says…

My whole life I’ve been waiting to say…

I AvocaDo

love poems

About the author

Benny Shlesinger

Amateur philosopher, avid keyboard pitter-patterer

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