Ava Elise

by Erin Barron 6 months ago in love poems

Ava Elise~ “Pretty Delicate Bird”

Ava Elise

Ava Elise

grown through grief

prayed your life would not be brief

Rainbow Baby

sent here to save me



your heart beats

my life’s complete

Sweet Bippy Pie

apple of my eye

my lullaby

Baby Kitty

you are so pretty

born itty bitty

My Dove

you fill my heart with love

sent from above


you are the bee’s knees

taught you your ABCs

Honey Bear

you have funny flare

give you all my tender loving care

Little Sister

you grow bigger and bigger

life is richer



always want to be with you


you cheer me up

on our nights we whoop it up

Best Girl

better than a pearl

love watching you twirl


sing me your song

we belong


loved you from the start

you’re my work of art

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Erin Barron
Erin Barron
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