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by Matthew Batham 3 months ago in nature poetry

A poem by Matthew Batham

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Fragile daylight

Cowers from encroaching night

Crouched at the edge of autumn glaze

Summer scorch

Has blazed its last and died

Golden haze hangs like a veil

My gaze

Mists over, I close the scene

The skin of my hand is thin as an autumn leaf

I’m older

I realise. I’ve lost track of time

I’m entering autumn too

I’ve lived

Through many seasons

A past of springs and summers

Dark winters

Too, have coloured me

But I have made it to my autumn

Suddenly Hopeful

Embracing this shimmering change

Accepting my autumnal shades.

I view

The scene outside again and breathe

I look forward to morning's amber light.

nature poetry
Matthew Batham
Matthew Batham
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Matthew Batham

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