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Autumn Leaves Abound

The cycle and circle of life

By Ralph EmersonPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Autumn Leaves Abound
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The leaves once green

Turn to brown

As they crumble in my hand

Brittle flake and dust

Which I cast to the wind

Across the lake.

A gust of a breeze gently takes the remnants

And disperses them

Across the fields

Like confetti

At an autumn wedding


The stifling heat and humidity

That stalked and haunted me

All summer long

Stifling my song

Has turned to a cool caress

Wafting over me

Soothing my soft skin

Scorched and parched

By the summer sun.


Nature is beginning to take

A long siesta after many months

Of yesterday’s fiestas

Of half drunk bottles of wine

And stale hors d’oeuvre

Left by the pool for ants

Which we serve to dine


It is the time

To sit back and reflect

Upon the things we created

And the things that we wrecked.

A time to make plans to repair

The neglect that we dished out

To those we treated unfair

And unfairly hated

And still it goes on unabated


In the coming year

A life with great favour

And without any fear

A life we ought to savor


Tis time to now cast

The withering past

To the ever wistful wind

Like the leaves that were green

Turned to brown

That now lay tattered and scattered

Like pixelated pieces of a broken dream

A sepia image shattered of what once was

A beautiful life all around


Let us now begin to plant anew

The seeds for a future we once knew

Seeds that will grow into beautiful new

Dreams for everybody, for me and for you

nature poetry

About the Creator

Ralph Emerson

Author/top writer/editor for various Medium publications (2020/23).

Musician/singer/songwriter/arranger/producer (1969-2021).

Author of 12 books of short stories and poetry. Out now on Amazon.

Three times Top Story on Vocal Media (June 2023).

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