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Automate If You Can

A Poem

By IsadorianPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Automate If You Can
Photo by Max Panamá on Unsplash

Many go with the flow

Assuming their jobs will get done

But you should automate your tasks

At least as much as you can

If productivity is low

Where does the time go?

Do you know how many hours to a week?

You should automate your tasks

To be a free woman or man

To watch your success grow

Some think they know

Some work harder and harder

But you should automate your tasks

If you truly understand

When you want your wealth to glow

Without this it seems that life plateaus

But a lifelong learner I want to be

So I will automate my tasks

Though I may have to learn how to plan

Like a seed that is sown

You need to find your flow state

No-one can truly multitask

That's why we need to tasks to be automated

For deadlines to be far outran

For results overachieved and great

Trials and obstacles you may undergo

It seems risky to take the time

But you should automate your tasks

Find a way to enhance it

With the smarts you've been bestowed

What will you have to forgo?

At first it will feel like sacrifice for a later good

You really should automate your tasks

The passing famine you withstood

When you planted that tree years ago

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