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At Tea with Life

by Amy Christie 13 days ago in inspirational
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Sipping love for the now

Stirring the amber

of recollection

in one cup

that can take me to past moments,

flying back in a blink

to where I sit right now.

Tea is magic,

it binds

what was to what will be

releases anger, tension,

it only lets serenity

and love come to rest

on my shoulders.


When life gets hard

or bitter moments

threaten to engulf

all that was tender

and desired

one cup of tea melts all annoyance,

shines light on troubled soul,

brings clarity,

reshapes the dreams that wander

unheeded, undivined

covered in dust of doubt

ready to meet the healing rain

of open smiles.


Look in a cup of tea


while stirring memories and love

how the taste soothes your heart,

it makes it whole,

it turns a house to home,

and helps you find love

where you thought

you are a mere stranger.


Nutmeg, vanilla, mint,

trace your steps back,

add cardamom for seeing the now

lovingly, in one frame

of thankful appreciation,

entwine ginger, anise, and one drop

of jasmine, lemon, tarragon,

pink pepper for shattering

each wall of doubt that stops you seeing

the future gardens

where you belong.


Have tea with life

when you are sad,

enjoy the golden taste

when you are happy

or when tears of joy

come to mold fate with will

and heart.

Tea is a magic carpet

to take you far and near

flying the speed of thought

to memories, wishes,

the now,

the ever-present,

and the next day

your soul is preparing for

this minute,

this very breath of sunshine.


© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Unsplash

Originally published on Medium


About the author

Amy Christie

Passionate writer and journalist, striving to create meaningful connections.

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