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At a Stoplight

A flash of life at a traffic stop

By Kris GriffithPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read
At a Stoplight
Photo by Hareez Hussaini on Unsplash

I listened to blaring music

Coming from the car of a teen

His tinted windows showed me

He didn’t want to be seen


But I could picture his face

Smiling as he enjoyed the tune

Wanting to share it with the world

Like a child watching a cartoon


He was racing off to meet a girl

Whose parents didn’t want her to go

They couldn’t see past his tattoo

So, his heart they couldn’t know


But, he is a good kid

And she could make him so much more

They’d fight to keep each other

Because she brings peace to his inner war


They’d fall in love

And unite their souls

While making a promise before God

To shield each others blows


Her parents will grow to love him

For the father and husband he is

They will finally come to see

That he is their daughter’s bliss


My trance was broken

When the music left my ear

I hope this boy finds heaven

When he reaches his next gear

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About the Creator

Kris Griffith

I have been away from creative writing for many years. I am trying to rediscover who I am through my writings. Come join in the journey!

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