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Asters Nigh Drive Reality

by Chris Ried about a year ago in nature poetry
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Asters Nigh Drive Reality
Photo by Nastasia Kalinina on Unsplash

Dribble. Drip. Drip.

The animated Rhodesian air, 

Fused with earthy savor;

Indigenous patter, 

coupled with Mambweian chatter,


The delighted green aster.

Immovably gripping upon its delicate stem,


Interlocked with Tongian culture.

Contributing grandeur,

to the somber wood.


The aiding green aster

5 and 2 inches petite

Leaves bellowing, 

Emanating hazel brilliance.

prudent disposition.

Fortified with organic beauty


The little green aster

Petals of exquisite design.

Flowing with effortless glee.


Just like the workman's beast


The impeccably cute green aster

Her grace is shielded,

Barred by archaic beauty. 

Love's pervasive devices

Converged with piety.


The dashing green aster

The style's placid demeanor

Glazed with controlled nature

Directed by impassioned familial desire,


The satisfied green aster

Drip. Drip.

So doth the droplet drip…

Viewing upon angelic bloom.

As Freya's tear

It drips.

nature poetry

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Chris Ried

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