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The people around me were in awe

At my level of maturity,

Though I knew not to take their silence

As an insult of backhanded praise,

You are very mature for your age

They said to me time and time again

Yet all words are coming out of my mouth

Were met with scorn, or simply dismissed

They would tell me I should not bother

With topics fits for only adults,

Only to scold me not for knowing

Anything about their conversation,

I suppose that their words weigh nothing

But somehow has power over me,

As of they were the norm, truth or law,

That I will take heart 'till the end of days,

Adults would show their concern to me

Ask why I would not bother laughing

But I could not say that when I do,

They would rant how I got it easy,

I do not understand them at all

Do they want me to be serious?

Or do they want me to enjoy life?

For either answer is somehow wrong

They would push me beyond my limits,

Explain that this would all prepare me

For the world so cruel and scathing

Never mind I am but a child,

Adults could not seem to shade a light

To me of their roundabout lecture;

I'm no longer sure what mask to wear

While dancing around this masquerade,

They expect me to be an adult

When I am simply but a mere child

Only to be crossed even further

If I try to understand their world,

Their mockery of trying to see

The world in the eyes of a child shows

Just how cruel adults could become

To someone who has not yet to speak out

And I would like to remind them all to never underestimate me

Nawab Shaikh
Nawab Shaikh
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Nawab Shaikh
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