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Are you sensitive or are you just a weak person?

by thewellnessxplora about a month ago in inspirational

Maybe you’re just powerful.

Are you sensitive or are you just a weak person?
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“Your sensitivity is not a weakness.” — I wish someone had told me this from an earlier age.

Growing up as a highly sensitive person was a nightmare because it felt like I could feel every single thing, both good and bad!

It seemed like, literally, everything moved me!

And anything could move me to tears, unannounced.

Consequently, I couldn't stand fights, arguments, or confrontational interactions because I was afraid to embarrass myself by tearing up or unexpectedly, shedding tears.

The tears would always seem uncontrollable. The harder I fought them, the more they would spill from the corners of my eyes.

For a very long time, I hated this about myself.

I considered myself weak.

I wondered why I couldn't be like other “hard” people.

I longed to somehow, remove this sensitive characteristic of mine.

It took me twenty-something years of my life to finally understand that sensitivity came with POWER.

Ironically, as a child, I had always longed for a superpower, much like those superheroes in the comics and movies I watched.

Unbeknownst to me, I had my own superpower, which I longed to rid myself of.

This power came with the ability to feel, and feel intensely!

I could walk into a room and instantly feel the collective energy of the entire room.

I could sit next to a person and feel their emotions so intensely.

Sometimes, I would even absorb and take on other people’s negative emotional states.

Sometimes, it felt like I could even feel other people’s thoughts.

Another aspect of this power I couldn't stand was, feeling the weight of the world.

Even as a young child, I could feel the heaviness and the sorry state of the world. And this made me a relatively sad child.

I felt the sad and sorry state of the world within.

I felt negative emotions, as intensely as the positive ones, if not more.

I would even feel when people didn't like me, and would desperately, try to adjust myself to become more likable by these people.

It was a never-ending cycle and loop of feelings that left me feeling mildly anxious and depressed in my teens. Even though, I didn't have the language to describe those heavy feelings.

In my adulthood, I discovered there were people who were HSP’s.

There was even a name for people like me — Highly Sensitive People/Persons.

I was not alone. And my range and depth of feelings were not unusual.

I discovered that the ability to feel is a very powerful human mechanism that facilitates the feeling of empathy.

And the ability to feel another human’s feelings is what breeds other attributes like care and compassion.

For you to be able to feel, your heart needs to be open.

And not everyone has the courage to walk around with an energetically open heart.

For fear that their hearts may break into pieces in the process.

You know heartbreak can kill, right?

Not everyone has the courage to feel, because of the fear of being hurt in the process.

It turned out that, fearless people are not afraid to feel.

And, fearful people are afraid to feel, because they are afraid to feel the pain that may come with negative emotional states.

Turns out-

I wasn't weak, after all!

I am powerful because I am sensitive.

I discovered that our ability to feel is what makes us truly human.

So don’t be afraid to feel.

Ps. You’re not a weak person for being highly sensitive.

You’re just a very powerful human being! And the world needs your sensitivity.

Learn to accept who you are and how you’re made.

And watch yourself fall in love with your newly found superpower!

You are powerful.



Multi-faceted freelance writer, seeker & explorer. I blog about travel, the digital nomad and ex-pat lifestyle, personal development, entrepreneurship & spirituality.

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