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Anxiety Surge:

by Saroyan Coles about a year ago in sad poetry

Narrative Poem

Anxiety Surge:
Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

When you come down, from anxiety

The surge of energy,

That makes you’re heart do cardio

You’re brain turns,

into its own personal podcast radio

Toss and turn in bed

Flip over pillow,

To cool off, and mellow

The lights are low,

The covers are wrapped up tight

Anxiety makes the brain believe

Everything is said in slight


As snug as overthinking

The knots in you’re stomach

Like a handcuff, anchor hitch, monkey fist

Repeated five times fast

Thoughts,run together

Each pass, shortened

Does not measure



Until, there is no rope left

To secure-

No interpretation of ones’

stream of consciousnesses

Leaves lack of rational understandings



still mirror the movements

No magician,

But,my smile is a slight of hand

Jokers wild and aces high

Overall, my demeanor remains,


Just like blood sugar drops

Anxiousness does mimic,

a fainting goat, toppled over,

with fear:

Drops you’re body

To the bed-

Or the floor

Like bag full of Lemonheads

Anxiety ridden words,

are hard to chew on...

sad poetry

Saroyan Coles

I want to empower others with my writing. I have always dreamed of seeing my name, on something.

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Saroyan Coles
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