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Anticipating the Blossom Before the Bloom

by Sara Rose 17 days ago in art

An ode to writing and becoming.

Photo by Zhen Hu via Unpslash

We become ourselves

surrounded by the words we write,

word after word,

we write ourselves into being.


Building words first,

then climbing up after them,

growing sentences before soul,

yet sentences rooted in the

very soil of that soul,

we write ourselves into being.


I climb the ladder of my words,

knowing with each step

I move farther from the person I was,

and closer to the person I am still becoming.


My words are a simultaneous

being and becoming.


The being that I am,

the becoming I have yet to know.

Why are we afraid knowing

we do not know

who we will be?

The uncertainty

makes some

want to



But me, I look up the ladder,

incomplete, undetermined,

until I write it into being.

I know not where it goes,

I know not who I will become,

but for all that

I anticipate the blossom

before the bloom,

and continue on.


Knowing who I become

is rooted in who I am,

yet craning its neck to the sun.


And knowing, with deep gratitude,

the sun nurtures growth

rooted in love

and wonder

that we exist at all.


Sara Rose
Sara Rose
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