Another Tomorrow

An Acrostic Poem

Another Tomorrow

I have searched far and wide for you, the woman whose eyes show me the horizons of her longing for true love. Thus

I am filled with hope and desire whenever I hear your voice resonating through the forgotten chambers of my heart.

Yes, in looking for you, my path has meandered through mountains and valleys, and I have hungered for your soul.

To calmly walk forward amidst the clouds of doubt one has to embrace a deep faith in the wisdom of providence, its

sage counsel a gift. And to discard the shattered remains of younger dreams one has to boldly paint a prophecy upon

a seamless canvas of love. It is another leap into the unknown that has brought me to your doorstep, like a drifter seeking

a home to belong. There will always be tomorrow in which to live, but the opportunity must be seized today to plant the

seed of such a beautiful blossoming. The mystery of knowing you ever more compels me to discover deeper layers of myself.

And I believe I have always beloved in my soul the woman you are, everyday a little closer to me, a cherished presence.

Copyright © 2018, Joseph Civitella.

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Joseph Civitella
Joseph Civitella
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Joseph Civitella

Joseph Civitella, PhD, is a life-long student of metaphysics – the quest for truth, meaning and purpose – and is an ordained minister in the International Metaphysical Ministry. He operates the School of LifeWork (

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