Another Time and Place

by r. nuñez about a year ago in sad poetry

A Secret Longing

Another Time and Place

In another time

And another place …

You and I in love,

Falling out of grace.

Seeing things that we

Aren’t supposed to see …

Do you feel as I

When we say goodbye?

Oh, voice inside of me,

Will you listen for a change …

Will you try and see

What we can arrange?

Fire in my heart,

Will you cool it for a while …

Will you let us go

Another mile?

In another time,

I might not have

Even seen you at all.

In another place,

It could have been me

That you had to call.

In a moment,

We may wonder why or how

That it came to be

That we

Are here and now.

Say a better day,

Take a better way …

You and I as one,

Swimming in the sun.

Mirror in my soul,

Will you look the other way?

In another time and place,

Perhaps you may.

sad poetry
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r. nuñez

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