Another Day Another Robbery

by Dakota Thomas 11 months ago in sad poetry


Another Day Another Robbery

Another day another Robbery

The door is wide open

And he comes in just as I expected

Because I’m the one who always leaves the door open

Because I’m the one who is addicted to letting him have what he wants

Which isn’t the TVs or anything I value

But the thing deep inside me

That’s according to everybody you can’t buy

My joy

Smiles, smirks, laughter, and cartwheels

He takes it all and puts it in his safe

At least I’m not the only one who doesn’t

Scream or object to this

I’ve heard it’s so easy to stop him

From coming in

They don’t tell me how

Just tell me to close my door

Until I figure it how

Another day another robbery

Comparison steals my joy

sad poetry
Dakota Thomas
Dakota Thomas
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Dakota Thomas

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