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By katyPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

In the wild expanse where nature reigns,

In forests deep and open plains,

Animals roam, a diverse parade,

In colors bright and hues arrayed.

The lion prowls with regal grace,

In golden mane and powerful pace.

King of beasts, fierce and bold,

In the circle of life, its story told.

The elephant, wise and grand,

With trunk raised high, it rules the land.

Gentle giant, with memories long,

In ancient rhythms, it belongs.

The eagle soars in skies above,

With wings outstretched, a symbol of love.

Majestic bird, with keen sight,

In freedom's embrace, it takes flight.

Beneath the waves, the dolphin plays,

In ocean depths, in sunlit bays.

Graceful dancer of the sea,

In waves of joy, it roams carefree.

From the smallest insect to the mighty whale,

In every creature, a story to tell.

In their eyes, a spark of soul,

In nature's symphony, they play a role.

So let us cherish the animals' grace,

In their presence, find our place.

For in their world, we find our kin,

In the circle of life, we all begin.

nature poetry

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