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By Paul CrockerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

The words I write, the sentences I make.

Are not written by mistake.

I did not create them in my head.

The mind of this human was already prefed.

I am an angelic poet descended from the higher realm.

If I showed myself to you, it would overwhelm.

I was sent from above.

To share the word of love.

Remind people of right and wrong.

Fill their hearts with poetry and song.

I am an angelic poet writing through this man.

As is the instructed plan.

This human has figured it out.

He knows what this is about.

I am the messenger, he is the stenographer.

These words will last for years after.

I am an angelic poet from the creator.

I am the scriptwriter and Paul is the narrator.


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Paul Crocker

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