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by Candice Wade 12 months ago in love poems

An intergalactic love story.


the other me

reached out across the cosmos.

My galactic twin

glistened in the moonlight

as stardust settled

on her skin and hair.

In her eyes

I glimpsed supernovas,

stellar nebulae, and galaxies.

At my threshold,

my celestial sister sighed,

and from her lips

a song of the beginning

of time and space sprang forth.

She collapsed before me

and began to melt.

I, frantic to rescue

my space-faring counterpart,

knelt to cradle her in my arms.

An icy shock

traveled from my head

down to my soles

as skin touched skin,

our molecules met,

and we became one

in an ethereal embrace.

love poems

Candice Wade

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