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Androgynous Love

by Rui Alves about a year ago in love poems
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The Myth of Er in Plato

Androgynous Love
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I grew tired of waiting for your love

I have waited for you ever since

Ever since forsaken

I grew tired of waiting for me in you

I waited for me ever since

Ever since a time

I was you

Long I waited for my love

Long I waited for you

I waited for so long

Since the time

We were one

I waited for so long

I grew tired of waiting

I grew tired of waiting for me

I grew tired of waiting for you in me

Then under the clouds and out of the blue

We meet again on a rainy springtime afternoon

Moonflowers waving on your curly dark hair

An ancient absolution whispered by your lips

Invites the devil in me to fall again for the angel in you

love poems

About the author

Rui Alves

I write to find the surrogate writer in me.

Rui is a graduate of the University of Porto, teacher, and life-coach.

He is also a partner of Rock n’Heavy and the founder of ZENite.

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