And Even The Animals Come to Check-In On US

April 4, 2020

And Even The Animals Come to Check-In On US

In places like New York,

Nature often forgets us,

But on a day like today,

Our lonely streets welcome the wild.

We crack open our window panes,

Shove aside our curtains,

And steer back

At the fauna that steers in on us.

They have come a long way

Mount Marcy, Whiteface, and Algonquin,

The seas,

The forest lands,

And the undergrounds.

They have been lead astray

From whence they come

To check-in on us.

Red-tailed hawks,

Cotton-tail rabbits,

Eastern mud and bog turtles,

Spotted Salamanders,

The Northern Cricket frogs

Have all assembled

To witness us on the other side.

They lighten our day,

Brings us life,

They come marching up our door steps,

stretched up to our window panes,

Tip toes on,

Or glides by

As nature returns to its old ways.

nature poetry
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