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by Natalie Sophia about a month ago in sad poetry
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She Stands

She stands rooted, powerful, empowered

She shines

Her curves celebrated

Her mind worshipped

Her life lit up with praise

The lights dim

The show is over

She stands rootless, powerless, shamed

She hides

Her curves ridiculed

Her mind- not good enough

Her life darkened with only echoes of her voice

The lights, out

The stage removed

She stands unsure of her place

She cries

Her hands search in the dark

Her eyes unfocused

Her feet teetering on the edge

saltwater tears drip down her cheeks

As she tries desperately to cling to the vestiges of a life well-lived


Her grip loosens

She stands

In a world that waves the flag of illusion in the form of promise

Of progress

Of equality

She stands


With only the promises she has made to herself

Tied to nothing

And no one

And still,

she stands

sad poetry

About the author

Natalie Sophia

Author of Girl, You're a Queen and writer of wildly unpopular topics from trauma to depth psychology to metaphysics with smatterings of personal experiences.

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