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An Unusual Request

by Mia Shumake 13 days ago in art

for Steinway

An Unusual Request
Photo by elCarito on Unsplash

I know how I must appear to you now;

more mothballs than moxy,

the sands of time

have exfoliated youth and

relevance from my complexion

and left me with lips

that quiver

and hands that forget to whom

they are attached.

I do not remember often

how the aging earth's vibration and mine

became so in sync,

so close,

I can hardly sit still

my hands- they don't remember me

But they remember you.

The dance the three of us did

skipping over the black hills

on your ivory planes

Every vibration- perfectly in tune.

I am desperate for that stillness,

that harmony, that tune of remembering;

our sound, awake and alive.

A tiptoe, between

the staccato of recall

and the legato

of longing;

here we are again, you and I.

Here we are.


Mia Shumake

Just a girl who loves words like the lungs love air.

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