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“An Old One’s Passing”

by Pablo Gonzales 2 years ago in inspirational
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by Pablo Gonzales, Jr

Farewell for now I leave,

My mortality has caught me at last,

A life lived through and lived long,

Now it is time to lower the mast,

The last sound of my heart is the end of my song

This old one is not afraid,

I knew that I would know this day,

I lived as I am and hope I was not too little,

I hope I’ve given the prosecution little to say,

Lived my life without leaving behind anything brittle

Now I say live as you and follow your heart,

Do not dwell on mistakes and regrets,

You are you and life is meant for you,

The heart is to express you don’t forget,

Only with you and your heart can life lived true

Again I say farewell,

May you live fully like this old one,

May you share your lived life,

In hopes you leave a smile when you’re gone,

May life be shared that is rife.


About the author

Pablo Gonzales

Just a guy getting his creative side some exercise.

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