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An Ode to the Boys I Once Loved

by Beth Fitzgibbon 9 months ago in heartbreak

heartache = wisdom

An Ode to the Boys I Once Loved
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A first kiss

A first touch

When feelings were felt

And love was supposed to be

All that mattered

But then

The trouble began

And life as I knew it

Irreparably changed

But maybe that’s okay

Because without death there is no growth

Because without hurt there is no love

And lessons learned through heartache

Are lessons learned well

And so when time releases

All pain

All regret

What’s left is wisdom

Wisdom of me

Wisdom of love

So that when he finally came

I knew how to love him

And I knew

Without a shadow of a doubt

Without a loss for words

How to let him love me


Beth Fitzgibbon

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Beth Fitzgibbon
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