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An Ode to Salt

by Alyson Kate Long 16 days ago in love poems

Rock, Shaker, Delicious.

Photo by Autri Taheri via Unsplash

Oh Salt.

Crunchy, savory, indulgent, and simply essential Salt.

With the Season of Salt-Shaming upon us — blaming you for everything from bloating to blemishes, to those mind-boggling lies of bland food — I pen to you this heartfelt note of adoration.

Salt, you are my rock. From a sprinkle in my coffee grounds and on my breakfast tartine, to a dash in my homemade vanilla bean whipped cream, you are my go-to; my sumptuous and secret ingredient for everything that is Dixie-style delicious. You enhance and brighten, intensify and mystify those staples of a Southern Summer. With fresh veggies, roasted meats, chilled cocktails and sweet treats, you’re in your element.

So Salt, you pure and decadent lump, ignore your naysayers and a pox on the fool who dare eschew you for those tawdry table blends! We’re taking Summer back, one dash — one dish — at a time.

love poems
Alyson Kate Long
Alyson Kate Long
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Alyson Kate Long

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