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An Ode to Green Eyes

by Simone Nehme 13 days ago in love poems
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And how I get lost in them

An Ode to Green Eyes
Photo by Sebastian Unrau on Unsplash

Sun kissed and thriving, your eyes are the earth that surrounds me.

The deepest of emeralds speak to the tones of the land

The creases that form along the corners of your lids are the roots of the earth - a kind of physical metaphor for the kindness you have which is so deeply embedded within you.

Somehow, your eyes are able to breathe life into any who may cross their threshold; you are a source of oxygen and the earth would surely wither and perish if you are were to close off to the world.

I couldn’t ask for more loving eyes to wake to,

To see the earth and all its wonders in your eyes is to be at peace with the universe.

I get lost in the emeralds of your eyes in the same way I would lose myself in the thicket of a forest…

… and I have never questioned my sanity for allowing myself to be lost in the earth of your eyes.

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About the author

Simone Nehme

I like to dabble in poetry. My writing may come across as deeply disorganised and messy but it is thus a representation of the static in my mind. Stick around if you are willing to decipher the white noise.

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