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An Ode to Contentment

A dreamy delight

By Vicky TenthPublished about a year ago 2 min read
An Ode to Contentment
Photo by Vusal Ibadzade on Unsplash

I wander down the street,

My heart is filled with glee,

I cannot help but smile,

As I think of you and me.

We used to laugh and play,

In the sun or pouring rain,

We'd make up stories and songs,

And never feel a single pain.

But time has changed us both,

Though we still feel that same love,

We have both gone our separate ways,

But our memories will be enough.

I'll never forget the times we shared,

The wonderful days of pure bliss,

Our love will always keep us connected,

Though we are now in an eternal bliss.

I look up to the sky,

And with a deep sigh,

I think of all we had,

And all that was left behind.

The stars smile down on me,

Like you used to do,

They remind me of the love,

That has always been true.

The wind carries my thoughts,

To places I cannot go,

It takes me back in time,

To moments we used to know.

Though time has passed us by,

And we have moved apart,

My heart still holds you close,

For that will never change, my dear,

In my heart you will always be.

With every step I take,

My mind begins to dream,

Of all the things we could do,

Of all the things we could be.

I think of all the places we'll go,

The places we'll explore,

The memories that we'll make,

We'll never keep score.

I know that we'll have our ups and downs,

But that's no reason to fear,

Because I know we can make it through,

And we'll be happy and have no tears.

So now I wander down the street,

My heart filled with glee,

For I know that with you,

I'm never alone, I'm free.

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