An Ode to Anisoptera

by r. nuñez about a year ago in nature poetry

Living Gem

An Ode to Anisoptera

Spry and playful entity,

Surreal to be with,

Your glassine wings are surely

The reality of myth.

You’ve lighted there, displaying

Nature’s touch of flare,

On tufted reed a-swaying

In the currents of the air;

Oh, swift and sprightful creature,

Chaser of the light,

You are the flitting feature

In the flourish of your flight.

Familiar to the fairy,

Elfin edified,

A beacon in the query

Of the vision and the guide,

You lighten doors and windows

When our dreams are bleak,

Oh, whisper of the willows,

Color-dancer of the creek.

Seeker of the inner-child,

Teaser of the heart,

Gentle spirit of the wild,

How you hover, dip, and dart.

Sometimes, you are a teacher;

Thusly, you survive.

Good journey, little creature;

Flutter, fly, and be alive!

r. nuñez


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