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An attentive ear.

by Jordan Zuniga about a month ago in inspirational

A listening spirit.

Show me the way it’s done and tell me how and why,

Tell me the reason you do it this way, what inspired you to try!

Reveal the way you like your coffee and the inspiration of how it came to be,

Tell me what’s your favorite dish, and what’s your favorite show on tv!

Who's your favorite character and what’s their greatest strength?

What’s your favorite novel, what’s the total length?

Why is that your favorite story, and why do you hate that certain phrase?

What’s your favorite music, what inspires you when in its phase?

I’m all ears for all that’s about to ensue,

I’m all ears for this conversation,

I’m all ears for you!

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Jordan Zuniga
Jordan Zuniga
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Jordan Zuniga

Aspiring christian creative writer creating pieces to provoke thought and give God the glory! God bless and I hope you’re doing well!

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