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An American's Dream

by RockyHighlander about a month ago in nature poetry
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When I turn my Head, Poetry collection

And She's There

The Sun, with a single ray,

Illuminates the golden strands

flowing in long brown-burgandy hair

She is smiling, a unmistakable twinkle glints

To which a man could lose himself.

Most are untitled:


Throw, the day has burnt away, projections of misplaced anger

Low the confidence of the few, lost are the common niceities

Tow the deadbeats that troll, sacks of tantrums and catcalls

Whoa, the ugliness abound, love lost, hope to be found

And so, the filthiness and greed have their day, we all know the better way


Change maifests itself so, an ancient puebloan show

The leaves of the aspen, click in the wind, playing a procussionist tune.


Sounds of the jet echo,

over the mountain tops, blue skies fill the empty spaces

cloud, white as cotton drift lightly in the sky above

A weightless ship, coasting over the peaks to destinations unknown.


The valley lay empty, blades of grass move to the wind's rhythm

Soaring, wings wide, a red tail surveys from above

circling, searching, then in finding,



The creek gently rumbles, splashes to speak words of ancient wisdom,

over the stones of infinite time and patience,

One wears on the other, while the other endures


We, mortals, have what the universe cherishes, love

Immortality, bereft of emotion, lose what it means to feel

Without love, what does one seek?


Ever seen a bubble, amongst the rapids

It struggles to stay, but eventually bounces and bumps into a "pop"


What is it to be a purple flower?

Standing tall and beautiful, no fear, in the delicate form

Radiant in the sun, lush and deep when in shadow

As if smiling slyly, knowing, but standing - hoping

to attract whatever form love chooses


Does any animal have more fun than the bird?

Swooping in and out of the foliage,

around the speeding vehicles,

skipping over the running water


Morning sunlight rays fall through the thin canopy tops

slices of warm light illuminates the natural colors near the running creek

glints of sparkle reach the twinkling eyes of those willing to see


Springtime comes with strange dances,

squirrels chase one another around the treetops

birds race across the sky, diving into the tree's leaves

performing daring acts of courtship

Dogs howl to the moon, calling out in the night

A young woman holding the hand of her man.


The fountains fire geysers of Yellowstone

the water rushing towards an endless sky only to feel earth's loving pull

gravity, the hold of which no man can escape, low to the earth,

changing the very landscape from what we know to what is next


Winds blowing soft streams of air caressing my face,

flash, I see her face and arm outstretched


Sun beats down on me, heat causes the plants to rise, amongst the clear sky


nature poetry

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William Craig


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