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Amongst the Green

A life among the trees.

By Alexander SmithPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

Living there amongst the trees, a creature hides behind the leaves. Be it man or be it beast? It sits there silent, strong and neat. With each breath it does declare, that it is watching from deep in there. When you breath you feel it near, on or off the path, it holds you dear. Sanctity and Solitude stand there in the cleft, as you breathe in what is left. Left of a world that is dying, left of a Mother that is crying. Left to a Death where we pant and wheeze. Left to a world bereft of trees... The metal doesn't grow. The concrete has no roots. The skyscraper's screams are not a breath. The smoke is not the babbling brook. To live as a man, to live as a wild man. What will you offer to live amongst trees? For only by tears and sweat will the forest ever be. What it was once to see.

nature poetry

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Alexander Smith

Deep entity with dual spirit. Write about lots of things. Working on a book. Not published. Maybe one day. Anime and monster fan. Looking for love...and financial stability lol. Hope you enjoy any pieces I write.

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