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<Amidst Morning Haze>

The cup, a vessel.

By ROME_XCIXPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
<Amidst Morning Haze>
Photo by Alexander Jawfox on Unsplash

First a sip of coffee we seek, porcelain or clay, holds the brew a liquid made to stay,


Starts the day, a ritual so dear, together they dance in perfect harmony,


A comforting warmth that chases, union form and function,


Symphony of taste, pure and fine, in this moment all worries fade, the coffee and cup cheer us each day,


Partnership of love, no other, beyond. Here is to the pair, an unbreakable bond.

END: Thank you all for reading this short on Coffee. I hope this was a peaceful read. Thank you Vocal for this platform, allowing art to be on display for readers and writers alike. Again Thank YOU for reading along!


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  • Rowan Finley 4 months ago

    I think there are likely many coffee lovers here - writing and coffee always go together in my book 📕

  • I'm a coffee addict and your poem was pure bliss! I loved it!

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