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American Commentary

"Give me your tired, your poor,......your wretched..."

The Titanic is sinking, Rats scurry hither and yon.

The band plays on..

As if nothings

A request, a dirge..

As those that are wealthy,

Purchase a passage

On a lifeboat! Stealthy!

The middle rummages for some vests,

The poor?...well,

They can carry our chests, our burdens.


Preacher and Pastor alike..speak amongst the chaos..

"For a kind donation,

We can get you to safe station.

This ship is built to last,

Just praise God and hold on fast!

My brethren,

As I preach from this lifeboat safely on the sea...

Let the sound of the band be a comfort to thee!

As I care for those with me"...

While for the poor dancing in desperation,

The band, they fiddle.

The Titanic is sinking!


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Victor Mendez
Victor Mendez
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