America of Broken Trees

A Poem

America of Broken Trees

she hid.

From day to day she was masked from dusk till dawn only showing herself to ones who were worthy.

Her hair coursed her scalp and her bones prominently stood

her soul was withered and her mind was mirrored.

she hid.

In the clouds and In the forest trees she stood.


For the day she can unmask and raise her staff above the "land of the free" "home of the brave".

she hides.

in history, the back of the bus was where she was comfortable and the cotton fields was all she knew.

she hides.

behind loose government and deportation the white man in the big house is scary. holding his knife he tries to cut down the trees her tribe has delicately planted.

one by one.

She hides.

behind the last standing tree.

she defeats.


the hope has changed from a fantasy-to a reality .

She rises.

with every wave has a reaction, so with every reaction there's a fraction.

change over hope and hope over change.

she stands.

with her brothers and sisters ,

we stand.


defeating the big man in the black suit.

1 against the world he'll never win.

social commentary
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