A poem


Cynthia finally caught up to me

We were playing tortoise and the hare.

I said happiness is a virtue

and she said I'll meet you there.

My abuse finally caught up to me.

Now I shake in my sleep.

I refuse to let another man touch me.

Protection from a pain repeat.

Hear me out

I was finally put in first place.

So I took a rest

I met Jealousy, Envy, Love, Lust, Infatuation

Even if I didn't dress nice

they still talked to me on certain occasions.

Nice guys finish last

but leave a lasting impression

No one understood how

I was suffering from Depression

Now we're on the front line

with knives in my back

I receive a standing ovation

and the ones who stabbed me

want to have conversations.

No one cares until you're drowning in your own tears

But even then they don't want to swim.

Never was I holier than yall because

I still found time to sin.

People cared

but I have to grow thicker skin

I had to get bulletproof

so the outside can't alter within.

Cynthia finally reached the finish line with me

My abuse finally said

"Stop running from me"

Now I sit and reminisce

who knew

healing would be a painful bliss.

surreal poetry
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LaVonne 'HONEYXBUN' Powell

20. Organic creative of all elements and writer of most forms. A sophomore at Florida International University. Despite all the troubles I've faced, my art is something that has never failed me but molded me. 

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