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by Diamond about a year ago in love poems
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Emotional Poem

It hurts me that I feel so alone

In a house full of love but I’m still craving my own

I want the simple things, like a kiss goodnight

I never thought it would take so long to just feel right

I want to feel like I belong and have a partner in crime

I never did no one wrong

Isn’t it my time to shine..?

Loyalty, love, compassion and all

The next one I love won’t lack one at all

Never question me even on the darkest of days ,because you’ll know I’m the one just how I look at you babe

See I’m

Not asking for much, just a meaningful touch,

A comfortable clutch and a passionate fuck

Can’t say I know what I’m doing, I suck at romance

All I know is love should have me feeling like I’m not leading a dance

It would be us both, holding our hands

Guiding each other even if we can’t hear the beat

We’ll hear each others hearts and watch our feet

Like we’re doing it right and we can’t take defeat

Doesn’t it sound good, as if love was so sweet..

But See I know it’s a joke to take that perspective

These days it’s like no one knows how it feels to be loved and respected

It’s all good at first when you just start out but I promise if you show to much love

They’ll just eat your heart out..

Stay woke💙🌹

love poems

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