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by A.Moriah about a month ago in sad poetry
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have you ever…

Photo by Bahador on Unsplash

Have you ever been truly alone?

In a place devoid

not of people, but of connection?

Have you ever

been completely surrounded

yet felt as if

you were completely and utterly alone?

Have you ever

had the walls you built

pulled down

brick by brick,

only to have your soul ravaged

by a beast pretending to be a man?

Have you ever

loved someone so completely,

so passionately

that you couldn’t see yourself

without them,

with another,


Have you ever

had your life

completely rearranged by someone,

only to find they didn’t

leave you a map

when they left?

I have,

and I wouldn’t wish it

on anyone, at all.

sad poetry

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At heart, I am a nature loving, historically enthusiastic, artist and writer.

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