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by Annie Wood 15 days ago in inspirational

I bow to

Painting by the author, Annie Wood

I bow to the wind that tickles my face,

the covers that keep me warm,

the earth that holds me up.

I bow to the bird’s song that lulls me,

the tree that shades me,

the gravity that keeps me from floating away.

I bow to the death of my mother,

the pain in my back,

the sorrow of days gone by.

I bow to uncertainty,

I bow to fear.

I bow to loss.

I bow to my body; my legs, my heart, my mind… for taking me

to all the places I need to go.

I bow to my eyes for seeing the beauty in the darkness,

my ears for hearing the music through the noise,

and my heart for beating through it all.

I bow to you, whom I never met.

I bow to your grief and to your joy.

to your hellos and your good-byes.

I bow to your uniqueness and to our sameness.

I bow with complete abandon…

in gratitude…

for the opportunity…

to bow.

First published on in P.S. I Love You on Medium

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Annie Wood
Annie Wood
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Annie Wood

I'm an Israeli-American, Hollywood, CA native

who writes fiction, plays, essays & poetry. A common theme of mine is embracing your youness by not following the fold.

Also, I'm a TV/film actor & mixed media artist.


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