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All but Humans

by Adesh Acharya 7 months ago in social commentary
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Man paints his incompleteness and is desperate to share Nature paints and she doesn't even care!

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

There's always been something inside me

not quite deep but nevertheless inside of me

for when it goes:

the stars are visible

the monkey seek is comprehensible

sparrows' chirping is suddenly musical.

Enough of forcefully trying to fit into man's art

Nature's art is found quite accordable.


Man paints his incompleteness and is desperate to share

Nature paints and she doesn't even care!


I turn up the volumes of manmade drones and want them to reveal things to me

(What does man know?)

I pay attention to nature's ambiance and the revelation is ready there for me to be

Nevermind any human, their care is not for me

Nature kind of likes me I found and I have always ignored she!


I have crawled and begged to receive from others

but hell, what can they give? What do they themselves have?

for they're all desperate for their own never ceasing greed.

It is she who is better than all human mothers and lovers

It is she who is above all preachers and teachers

It is she who creates better than all composers and painters.



When it goes:

the stars...

and all doors of possibilities break wide open

But I am a fool

for when it goes

I always rush towards that particular door

of all the doors:

that contains humans!

Ugh! now all but humans

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