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By Rose BacudPublished 2 years ago 2 min read

we have some thing to share: our love

We would like you there, come join us as we share our wedding day with you

And not to worry for we mean well, in this time of questionable safety

You may ask, we are not interested in sharing, it’s isolation time you see

But hear please if you may

For our invitation has a link

It’s just like in school for our dear children when they have to learn from their beloved teachers

Or a meeting even if it’s a court order that should be adhered by all parties

Or even joining the gym without leaving home, sweat it out no mask mandatory. Oxygen is free with each huff and puff

Yes we would like to share not to be super spreader of a sickly virus

For we have a link that even if you miss our event, there is still a chance to watch given a time frame, you will not miss what we have, that is for sure a guarantee.

We are ecstatic beyond words for even at this time our wedding we planned will commence at last no need to postpone

No heartaches for us, but there is a little bleep of course there is something

Alcohol and food is custom for you, you prefer vegan or keto no worries there, our wedding is flexible, it’s all about you.

Some may get tipsy a nerve to be free, still no worries, for no one gets hurt, not even a touch is allowed, no need to be six feet apart, let’s drink to that

Yes we would like to invite you. All are welcome to our wedding we’d love to share. Our invite is more than hundreds, thousands, it can even go viral

Not to get you sick, but we know you may watch it again and again. We will feel the love

It’s also cheap no need to bring gifts, personalized on food and booze, it’s BYOBAF BTW, no need to dress up and loose a pound or two to fit that dreadful dress, no judgment here. Come as you are make up is optional

There will be lots of hugs and hearts sent from us to you. Catch it like a fever for the love we share to you is the air but will never be cold or flu

We spread our love not the virus, name it super spreader if you must that is ok we are free from bust ups, our party is not congregated by space

There is a link, join us on our wedding dear. We are here to share: save it, for its a special date

Please set up our grannies, they need help with the tech or just click on their phone

And there it is: the link to our wedding we’d love to share

All are welcome. Come as you are

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