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Aliens Among Us

by Alfiya Laxmidhar 6 months ago in fact or fiction
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Sometimes it is hard to relate to people

Aliens Among Us
Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Past lives

I am the reincarnate of Eva Braun,

she said

My partner scoffed.

Who's Eva Braun? I thought.

Turns out she was the wife of

Adolf Hitler.


It took me a week before

I fully scoffed.

To digest the amazement of some

human beliefs.

This woman was 50 years old

and had jeans on for someone younger-

They looked out of place

and out of time.

By Anne Nygård on Unsplash

The same lady was paranoid

about being listened to via technology-

She couldn't sleep with the wifi

modem on as it interfered...

I played along with her.

She said that her family thought she

had schizophrenia-

Needless to say,

she doesn't keep in contact with them.

"My brother hates me"

"When I was young I kept seeing Bugs Bunny in my room"

"I have been psychically attacked"

"I saw a cloud ship"

My partner thought she was removed from reality on day one.

I did feel like she had some weird and confusing beliefs-

and she was no longer on this earth-

She seemed to be from and living on another planet.

So I let her go and she did the same for me.

And when I think of her...

She was an alien

that I had a hard time relating to.

She was from a different time

and a different place.

fact or fiction

About the author

Alfiya Laxmidhar

Love words and their origin. Like poetry. Rumi is my favorite.

Thank you for stopping by.

Facebook: Alfiya Re Lax

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