Age Difference

by Amee Maree 9 months ago in sad poetry

(Age is just a number.)

Age Difference

The things,

the things I would do,

if I could be just amazing as you.

If every word ignited a spark in someone new.

What I would do if I was wanted like the stars that longingly await the moon.

What I would do if every breath,

they didn't question the next,

and the thoughts didn't tumble from my mouth, one over the other, in such swift succession that it's hard to keep time.

What I would do if every passing syllable that emerged augmented rather than contradicted my intelligence, if my body moved with the same assurance.

What I would do if my heart beat with the same luscious rage, the same hunger that drives the oxygen rich blood through your veins.

....What I would do if every moment was spent on something other than grasping tightly to the pieces of me fluttering erratically, in the gusting wind hoping to knock loose.

What I would do to feel anything but human.

To discover a plethora of those inhuman moments,

when "two hearts beat in time" and the fiery caress of a lover sets you ablaze, mind and soul. Tender whispers in the dark.

when hands clasp tightly at the bedsides of loved ones and the lips of everyone in the room are moving silently in morbid synchronicity to the same prayer.

when the last of a bottle is washed gently down the drain and two lost souls exhale in solidarity.

What I would do if I were just as amazing as you.

Teach me to be a burning bright light in the world around me, to soak in the fire without putting it out, and i'll teach you to lay your hands on something innocent without leaving a scar.

Show me the world, however brutal, and i'll take you away from the pain in yours.

Show me your mind and overfill mine as I hang on too tight to every word.

Enjoy my temporary touch and leave me with sweet memories.

I won't be young forever, innocence will fade, but think of me as you make your way into your life and I begin to build mine, stepping stones on each other's timelines.

sad poetry
Amee Maree
Amee Maree
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