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About People

By Oğuz AcarPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

Others are certain to become annoyed with it together

After becoming enraged, he acted out by attacking another

It then turned his wrath on another

From old person to young person

From the current generation to the next generation

This unbreakable cycle is being passed on

Efficient management of the cycle is needed

Without giving in or showing disrespect

Human life is too short in eternity

In this simple world

Maybe we might be satisfied with fleeting pleasure if we lived forever

Death is the simple ultimate tragedy

Maybe one day humans will find a way to eradicate death, but in the meanwhile, medical science offers no answers

A person's fingerprints aren't the only unique identifier they have

It makes the task that he or she dedicates in his personal life and the life away from society special

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Oğuz Acar


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  • Mariann Carroll6 months ago

    Life is a cycle. Enjoy life . Don’t let anger and fear of death fester in our mind. I enjoy this poem in an artsy perspective. Nice👌

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